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Searching for an Insightful, Informative and Engaging Speaker?

Katie has been booked on stages all around Colorado, Washington, California and New York. She engages her audiences with interactive exercises, humor and real life examples to teach valuable tools her attendees can take with them and use immediately. If you're looking for a Speaker who provides real value in a fun, engaging style, look no further.

Here are a few examples of her Signature Talks:

"Passion to Purpose to Profits in 5 Shifts with One Award winning Signature Talk". (GO HERE FOR A LIVE TRAINING!)

"What is Your Purpose? The 5 Steps to Uncovering Your True Gifts"

   We are all born unique, with our own special gifts to share. Often we lose sight and need a strategic guideline to rediscover our brilliance. People walk away from this talk knowing where their Genius Zone is and who they are meant to share their gifts with.

"The 6 Secret Keys to Unlock a Successful Talk"
  It's like magic! There really is a scientific method to presenting a successful talk. Katie guides people through a 6-step process to connect with their audience, engage and deliver a valuable, insightful and meaningful message, which will attract their ideal clients and create a lucrative income from stage.

"The 3 step process in choosing the most Profitable Marketing Methods" (Hint: Less is More!)
   There are hundreds of ways to market your business! The problem that most entrepreneurs make is trying to do them all, creating overwhelm AND overspending!
   In this talk, we narrow down the very best ways to market dependent on a variety of factors: your unique business, the industry, your budget, who you cater to, what problems you solve and more. The goal is to find just a couple ways that are most efficient, while saving you time and money!

"Purpose before Path"
   Have you suffered through an uninspiring talk where even the speaker seems bored?
   Have you ever wondered how you landed in the room, listening to a speaker who is talking about nothing you can relate to?
   Most Speaker trainings fail because they go directly into the techniques of speaking BEFORE addressing what the true message is. If you don't have a clear vision of WHAT your gifts are and WHO will benefit from them, no talk will ever be successful.

Audience feedback...

"Katie really knows how to light up a crowd! Her insight and humor had everyone awestruck. She generously shares her own life experiences to connect with the audience in an authentic way. I gained so much value from her training and expertise. I'd highly recommend booking her to speak!" Susan K. 

"I was so impressed with all the valuable information on speaking secrets Katie shares on stage! I was also happy not to be sold to but rather felt she genuinely cares about drawing out the best in people and encourages folks to look deep within to uncover their gifts and purpose." Bill N.

"Katie really knows how to motivate the audience! I was blown away by her story of building her businesses, while raising her children alone, surviving a hard hit during the recession and how she bounced back. She shares these real life challenges with positivity and humor." MaryLynn P.

Katie Speaking at a Talk
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