The Chapters of Life

Katie has been an entrepreneur for over thirty-five years, with a deep background in a diverse set of industries including healthcare, aviation, and business consulting. In the past three decades, Katie successfully owned and operated a chain of Medical Spas, a Private Air Charter Company and a Business Consulting firm.

Through her coaching, her passion is helping her clients find their voice, uncover their unique gifts and share their stories through

"Awaken the Speaker Within" Academy and Retreats.

The Early Years
Katie grew up in the beautiful Northwest where her loves were dance, playing kick-the-can and pretending to be a spy. Having been raised by a WW2 Marine and a very loving, but strict mother, she learned and still values today, the importance of hard work, dedication and the value of authentic leadership. After unknowingly franchising her babysitting service at the age of 13, a light bulb went on. She knew that being an entrepreneur would allow the freedom to create her life, on her terms.

Chapter Two.
After marrying young and starting a family, Katie was drawn to the medical world. This eventually led her to open a chain of medical spas, which she successfully owned and operated for over a decade. It was during this time, she fell in love with speaking. She recognized the power of being on stage and how expanding your reach could serve more clients.

Chapter Three.
Tired of the rain, she moved her family to beautiful Telluride, CO and launched Alpine Air, a Private Air Charter company. Many lessons were learned while owning an aviation company during the recession, but she continued to grow the company. This venture also provided a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship survival, which naturally transitioned into a consulting and coaching role, with Speaker Training as the foundation.

The Next Chapter
As a business owner, she is no stranger to the unique challenges that surround entrepreneurship. She paid her dues! For her "now" chapter, she realized there are so many amazing people out there with gifts and inspiring stories but struggle sharing them. Helping her clients broaden their reach from stage or online is her passion and purpose.

In Katie’s free time, she enjoys travel, dance, hiking, fine wine, spending time with her family and feeling the sand under her toes on the beach at her home in Southern California.

In her alternate reality, she still secretly wants to be a spy!

Katie at Awaken the Speaker Within
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