You're Going to Discover...

  • The Step-by-Step game plan all my clients use to become masters at selling from stage and monetizing their message, without people ever feeling 'sold to.'
  • Why having multiple talks can potentially KILL a business, and how smart entrepreneurs are simplifying the process by nailing just ONE single presentation, that truly gives them expert status. 
  • How to turn every talk into a high-profit opportunity for new business, while growing a consistent funnel, building authority and becoming a sought after expert Speaker. 
  • How using my Secret Weapon when crafting a Stellar Talk will leave the audience wanting more (and could likely be the missing link to stepping into a 6-to-7 figure speaking business.)
  • How the savvy businesswomen we work with are escaping exhaustion and burn-out by learning how to find their Ideal Audience and be invited on Stages without being pushy or virtually knocking on every door!
  • they do ALL this, even if they're naturally shy, introverted, are not natural speakers or have even bombed on stage in the past!

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