"Awaken the Speaker Within" Retreat

Recharge.  Renew.  Reset.

Can you relate? Ask yourself...

2020 will be a year we won't forget! (to say the least!)

...and 2021 is the best time to plan a restorative getaway to recover!

Are you desperately needing to get away, change your surroundings and find a peaceful place to revisit your life and business with fresh eyes without the daily distractions?

Are you a successful businesswoman who is ready to expand your reach, find your dream clients, share your message and make a great income from stage or online?

Are you searching for a bigger voice, a wider platform to serve your clients?

Are you a Speaker (or desires to be) who is searching for ways to sharpen your skills in:

  • Finding Your Platform
  • Expanding your Reach
  • Finding Your Audience
  • Speaking from your Heart
  • Crafting Your Signature Talk
  • Enrolling Clients from your event
  • Creating a Strategic Flow that Sells
  • Making the money you deserve from stage or online
  • Connecting with your tribe in a deeper, more authentic way

If you answered "YES" to the above, KEEP READING!

(...and don't miss the retreat details at the end!)

You work hard!
There are only so many hours in the day.
Distractions!  Don't even start!  They are everywhere!
The constant interruptions from cell phones, email overload, social media invasions. Then there's the family, your team, your dog!

It's not that you don't love your life, your family and even your work! But there are times when we all need an ESCAPE!

"Awaken the Speaker Within" Retreats were designed to give you the break you need to enjoy a beautiful coastal "classroom" to take a fresh look at the "whole" of YOU!

Our businesses are more than our services, offerings, and making money. They are "Us"!

"We" are our business.

Is your "Vision" still clear?
Is your "Purpose" still full of Passion?
Do you even remember "Why" you started your business?

That's just were we start! There's so much more!


Day 1. "Bonjour" You arrive at your boutique hotel, situated on the cliffs of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the harbor below is full of boats, kayakers, and a slow pace. The seagulls welcome you as you enter your room. Time to turn off the cell phone! Breathe!

Your retreat kicks off with a Welcome Wine and Cheese reception. You feel the stress fade away as you meet and mingle with new friends. Time to relax and prepare for welcoming big changes in your life...both personally and professionally. A brief review of your "Awaken Action Plan" is your only homework. As the sun begins to set, a stroll down to the beach is the perfect ending before the Awaken Journey begins.

Day 2. "Heart Day". Yoga in the grass overlooking the ocean or a solitude beach walk to welcome the day! A warm and hearty breakfast awaits before the "Awaken Workshop" begins. Today is full of surprises to reignite your Passion, remind you of your Purpose and rediscover your Path! Your reward for your hard work is a happy hour and some solo time to reflect on the day.

Day 3. "Head Day". Breakfast with the team or on your private patio, then grab your coffee for another full day of Speaker Secrets! Its a roll-up-your-sleeves day full of more teachings and surprises. Today we dive deep into the specifics. Today's reward? "Farewell" 5-star Gourmet Dinner.

Day 4.  "Au Revoir" I know! You don't want to leave! We get it but the journey will continue with all you've learned and your "Awaken Action Plan" will keep you in check. Today is an overview of the amazing past three days, sharing "Ahas" and memories that will last forever!


  • A FREE Follow-up Private Coaching Session to keep you on track and accountable as we review your Awaken Action Plan.
  • DISCOUNTS to all my other programs
  • RECORDINGS of any LIVE Sessions

If this sounds like the Getaway you have been searching for, Congrats!  You've found your answer!

NEXT RETREAT:  Fall 2021 (Call for dates and to reserve your spot)
Don't miss the "FREE AIRFARE" (OR $500 VOUCHER)  Early Bird Enrollment! (Contact for details)

We have a very limited space.  THESE RETREATS FILL UP!  

By Invitation only!

To discover if you're a fit, go here to speak with our enrollment team.

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